Touchcall for India: Phone Call & Free Call Review

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Touchcall for India – Can’t call your girlfriend because she blocked your number? Don’t worry, we can help you. There is a cool app that hides your phone number when you call. It is like a secret phone line, so she does not know that you calling her.  

Touchcall for India
Touchcall for India

Touchcall for India Review

This app is super cool. If you download it, then your phone number stays hidden when you call anyone, even to your girlfriend or family. It is like a secret caller ID. Your number not showing up.

How to private call?

Want to call someone without showing your number? TouchCall is an app that can help you. When you use TouchCall, your real number stays hidden during the call. It is like a secret code that keeps your number safe.

Features of Touchcall App (Touchcall for India)

  • Hide your number when you call someone.
  • Personalize your texts with a cool signature.
  • Pick fun sounds for your texts and calls.
  • Change your message background to something you like.
  • Set special sounds for different friends.
  • Quickly reply to messages without opening the app.
  • Make calls and send texts right from your phone’s home screen.
  • Use one number for both texting and calling.
  • Text and call friends in 28 countries for free.
  • Never miss a message with a unified inbox.
  • Turn your tablet into a phone if it has Wi-Fi.
  • Get extra phone numbers for privacy.
  • Leave voicemails for friends.
  • See all your past text messages.
  • Easily add or remove extra phone numbers as needed.

So these are the benefits you get if you use the touch call app. Also, all the things work properly there is no need of any subscription, Also it work perfectly.

Touchcall Free Or Paid

Yes, absolutely all the benefits we describe above that you get for completely free of cost and you don’t have any need tto pay one single rupee to anyone.

There are so many features so there is high cost to used it. So the owner put ads on the platform for there income so you just see ads and then put call to any one.

How can all this be free?

They fulfill there cost through ads. This award-winning app lets you call people without showing your number. It is like having a secret phone line. This app works for many people and is supported by most phone companies.

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