How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat On Your Phone

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How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat – WhatsApp make it easy for us to connect with your friends and family. You will be curious to know how to see your girlfriend’s WhatsApp chat on your phone. How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat On Your Phone? So why do you take the time. We provide you with a step-by-step path.

There are different options available so we discuss them one by one. You prefer that is simple for you. You also try different options.

How To See Girlfriend's WhatsApp Chat
How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat

How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat On Your Phone?

There are two options available to see your girlfriend’s whatsapp chat on your phone. Also, other methods are present with the process of hacking but it is not done in simple Android phones. So we give you the trick to How To See Girlfriend’s WhatsApp Chat On Your Phone.

  1. Whatsapp Web application:- This is a very simple path to access any other whatsapp on your phone. But in this process, you need a PC. If you don’t have a PC or laptop then you do it on your phone.
  • To get whatsapp web on your phone you will open any browser. Then you search for whatsapp web.
  • Then open the whatapp web application. But you just do the desktop mode to get the scanner perfectly.
  • Open whatsapp web and log in first with your phone. Then go to settings and an option show that is a linked device.
  • You just click on the link device and a scanner will open to you. Then you scan the QR with your girlfriend’s phone. 
  • All work done. You will axis the whatsapp of your girlfriend.  But she knows that you axis her device.
  • because in the link device section of her phone, your system will show.
  • Also, the PC method we will describe below. And gives you a hidden app that your girlfriend doesn’t know that you axis her device.

So here is the full process you will see your girlfriend’s whatsapp chat on your phone with your phone. All the steps we describe you just follow step by step.

By using WhatsApp Web on a PC or Laptop

Accessing your girlfriend’s WhatsApp account can be done using WhatsApp Web. This web version allows you to use WhatsApp on any internet-connected device without needing to download an APK file. 

You just log in one time on the What’s App web through your girlfriend’s mobile number then you easily use the Girlfriend What’s app.

  • Open any browser then go to
  • A QR code will appear on the page.
  • Use your girlfriend’s phone to open the WhatsApp app.
  • Then you see the WhatsApp web option, just click on it.
  • Scan the QR code that is shown on your PC screen. It will connect automatically and you access your girlfriend’s WhatsApp app.

By using third-party applications

If you want to see everything about your girlfriend’s phone activity, like who she talks to and what messages she sends, there is a special app called KidsGuard for WhatsApp that can help you. It is like a secret spy tool for WhatsApp.

When you put it on her phone, she won’t know it is there. It keeps track of all her WhatsApp details, like messages, calls, and even voice notes. Then, you can know everything that she does on WhatsApp without needing to touch her phone.

All the info goes to your special control panel online, so you can check it anytime, day or night. With this app, you can find out if she is hiding anything from you on WhatsApp.


In this article, we talked about how to see girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages on your phone without her knowing. We also know ways to do this.

Using Kids Guard for WhatsApp is easy, but it can harm the trust and respect in your relationship, which are important for a strong and healthy connection.

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