How to check call history of Jio, Vi, Airtel and BSNL ?

How to check call history of Jio, Vi, Airtel and BSNL ?,

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In today’s world mobile phones are a daily use thing in our life that we do not exclude one day without mobile phone. Also the smartphone age creates communication that is very simple. People connect with their friends, family and all over the world with their phone. One featcher that makes all the people bind is calling.

So here in this post we discuss how to check call history in jio, vi, airtel and BSNL. Here we describe to you all the methods to check call history. Also give you tips for managing your call history.

How to Check Call History in Jio Vi Airtel and BSNL call history

How to check call history in Jio, Vi, Airtel and BSNL 

Call history is very important for us because from this we check our incoming and outgoing calls. Also, one feature that helps a lot is missed calls. If anyone calls and we do not receive then we see it will show in our missed call section.

Weather you are using postpaid or prepaid connection then getting your call history is very simple in both type of connection so follow us steps. 

Different Method To Check Call History 

Every network can provide to see your phone call history. But it is not the same in every network process so we give you details about every network that how you access your call history. 

Check In Jio Network

Jio provides their feature application that is my jio app where you check your all details about calls and data. But here you first sign up then login then you get your data. 

The direct process you dial in your dial pad that *333#. Then you received a sms in this sms you get your all call information.  

Check In VI Network

VI network provides an VI app to check your call history. But they provide two codes when you dial into your dial pad you get SMS.

The first code is 7771*9#. The another code you dial that is *199#. You also use these codes.

Here is the step by step process for VI network:

  • First you open your dial pad and dial 7771*9# or *199# from the vi mobile number.
  • Then different options show into your mobile you read and select the call history option. 
  • Then a SMS comes to you where all the outgoing, incoming and missed calls are shown to you.

Check In Airtel Network 

Airtel has their own application called the Airtel thanks app. You just download the app from the Play Store and all details about your sim you get. 

The other method you use is code. The code is *121# just dial it. And all data comes to you.

Here is the step by step process to check Airtel network: 

  • Airtel have both options if you want to dial then dial *121# In the BSNL mobile number.
  • Then the option is so to you, you just select call history then you see all the things. 
  • The other process is you download the Airtel thanks app. 
  • Then login with your Airtel phone number and go to the call records menu to see all the things.

Check in BSNL network

BSNL does not have any applications. But if you want your call details then you send an SMS with the keyword VOICE to 53333. 

The another way to get your call details from BSNL then you go to BSNL selfcare portal or dial *123# to get your call records. 

Tips To Manage Your Call History 

If you follow a busy schedule then you regularly do the above steps we provide and see all the calls come to you and how many calls you attend and how many calls will not be attended you will see easily.

If anyone calls you unnecessarily and calls suddenly wrong then you delete this type of calls to free your storage and get important calls only.

The other thing you do is enable call barring. Or you block on wanted numbers to avoid filling the call history.

Conclusion :

So we think this information is helpful to you and you also know about how to get all of the call details in all the networks. Also the management tips are very helpful for you.

Can I access my call history for a specific date ?

Yes, you get the data for a specific time period or date range. It is a very simple process. You just check it out from the above steps.

How to access your call history on different devices?

Yes, you easily assist your call history in another device. But one simple step you follow is that you login your device into this device.

How much time call details stored

There is not a specific time range that calls the details store. Any service networks provide 30 days call history some are provided 90 days. Others are provided only 10 days to 15 days.

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